Advanced Shooter Kit

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This asset is a powerful, flexible and simple system for creating a shooter game. Make any action game you could imagine, from an simple horror to an total warfare, and have them working in minutes! 

Download Standalone Demo 

• Powerful fps controller
multiple player states, climbing, head bobbing. 

• First person gameplay animations
run and move, player body, ironsight, weapon sway. 

• Melee, Firearms and Launchers inside, 
create any weapons for your game, from an simple crowbar to an powerful crossbow. 

• Complete weapons included: 
- Crowbar. 
- Pistol. 
- Assault rifle. 
- Grenade launcher. 
- Shotgun. 
- Hand grenade. 
- Rocket launcher. 
- Crossbow. 

• Complete pickups included: 
- Weapons. 
- Ammunition 
- Medicaments. 

• Damage calculation system, 
five armor types and regeneration, five difficulty levels, custom damage points. 

• Ricochet and Penetration, 
Any bullets can ricochet off surfaces and penetrate into them. 

• Smart surface detection, 
powerful system for play hit effect and footstep sounds. 

• Flexible input system, 
input manager can handle axis values as events and bind functions to calling. 

• Switching projectile types, 
for example: included simple and explosive arrows for crossbow. 

• 3D HUD based on Unity UI, 
smart crosshair, damage indicator, health bar, damage pointer, ammo info. 

• Easy and flexible API, 
allows you to quickly and easily setup input actions and call main gameplay functions from code. 

• Optimized for mobile. 
Get touch controllers. 

Please, check out readme file and example scene after purchase. 

• All sources only C# coders. 
• Designed for single player games. 

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