ASK - Release Notes

Please, always remove previous version before updating!

//***Version 1.6.5:***//

- Incorrect camera shaking when looking up or down.
- "Freezing" of weapons when firing bursts exceeding the remaining number of bullets.

- All animation system moved to Mecanim
  * Removed BodyAnimation.cs, instead of this added BodyAnimator.cs
- Updated surface detector
- Updated setting window
- New player body and animations for it
- Improved algorithms of player walking, now they more accurately changes movement speed. 

- Removed weapons camera
  * as instead added wall detection and procedural animation
- Removed all static fields
- Removed all useless interfaces
  * IFootstepSFXManager
  * IExplosion
  * IDamageHandler
  * IHealth
  * ICharacter
- Instead, more understandable interfaces have been added 
  * IProjectile - For custom projectiles
  * IShell - For custom shells
- Minor Inspector's improvements
- Significant refactorings
- "InfiniteAmmo" field moved to AmmoBackpack

//***Version 1.6:***//

- Ricochet and Penetration.
- Rewrited surface system.
- New inspector for surface detector
- Better mouse look.
- More optimizations.

//***Version 1.5:***//

- More bug fixes.
- Bug with the window settings after rename or move a ask folder.
- Bug with regeneration.

- Added more new api functions(see documentation).
- Now SurfaceDetector can detect terrain textures.
- Added damage indicator.
- The InputSystem has been rewrited.
- New camera shake algorithm.
- Improved player prefab.
- Improved weapon system.
- 3D Hud.
- Simple in game menu.
- New Damage indication system.
- Custom events for "npc character, player, pickup, respawn.
- Added support Unity 5 Audio system.
- Now, all weapons used physical projectiles(simple or ballystic).
- Added Difficulty levels.
- New option "Drop Chance" for set the rarity of the drop item.

- Added  new classes: 
  * Projectile.cs, 
  * HitEffect.cs
  * DamageInfo.cs, 
  * DamageHandler.cs, 
  * DamagePoint.cs
  * Character.cs, 
  * PlayerCharacter.cs
  * GameSettings.cs
  * FootstepSFXManager.cs
  * Interfaces.cs (removed in 1.6.5)
  * Respawner.cs
  * MenuElements.cs, 
  * DropdownElement.cs

- Removed Launcher.cs, Rocket.cs, Grenade.cs, Arrow.cs.
- PlayerInventory.cs remaned to AmmoBackpak.cs
- Now all gui elements automatically spawned"

//***Version 1.3:***//

- Problems with camera shake and incorrect dispersion in shotgun
- Incorrect ceiling hiegth detection  when you need to stand up

- New API for configure input actions and call main gameplay functions from your code.
- New surface detection system for spawn hit effects and play footsteps sounds
- New Input system
- Added  Settings Window for configure input and surface detection systems
- Visible and animated player body
- Added "HitSurface" int field in "Health.cs" for easily hit surface detection on player and nps unvisible colliders
- Added "UseHeadBob" float field  in "FirstPersonController.cs" for enable/disable head bobbing effect
- Added "PosForce" and "TiltForce" bool fields in "FirstPersonController.cs" for adjust head bobbing effect threshold

- Removed "FootstepsSoundsManager.cs"
- Removed "EffectsManager.cs"
- "InputRegister.cs" renamed to "ASKInputManager.cs"

//***Version 1.2:***//

- Pproblems with slopes, thanks Fox for reported it.
- Player controller get stuck on walls, thanks Tayer for reported it.
- Multiple optimizations.

- Added Joystick support in "InputRegister.cs"
- Added elenemt "Ladder.cs" for climping
- Added float field "CrouchSpeed" in "PlayerMoveController.cs"
- Added float field "BackwardsSpeed" in "PlayerMoveController.cs"
- Added float field "SidewaysSpeed" in "PlayerMoveController.cs"
- Added float field "InAirSpeed" in "PlayerMoveController.cs"
- Added float field "ClimbingSpeed" in "PlayerMoveController.cs"
- Added Vector3 field "CameraOffset" in "FirstPersonController.cs"
- Added array for player pain sounds in "Health.cs"
- Added "CameraShakeRange.cs" in "WeaponBase.cs" for sets Min/Max cam shake by shots
- Added float field "MoveSpeed" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for weight effect of weapons 
- Added float field "RunOffset" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for rotate the hands with weapon while player runs
- Added float field "+ Move" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for sub effect of dispersion by movement
- Added float field "+ Look" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for  sub effect of dispersion by Looking
- Added float field "+ Run&InAir" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for sub effect of dispersion by runs and inAir (falling/Jumping)
- Added float field "x Crouched" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for  sub effect of dispersion by crouch
- Added enum "CrosshairView" in "FirstPersonWeaponSway.cs" for sets special crosshair view mod in current weapon
- Added pain pointer in "HudElements.cs" for show the damage direction
- Added PainColor in "HudElements.cs" for sets the color of pain screen and pointer.

- Rewrited "PlayerMoveController.cs" from RigidBoby to CharacterController
- Remaned field "Have" to "Avaiable" in "WeaponsManager.cs"
- "FirstPersonLookController.cs" renamed to "FirstPersonController.cs" and now it based on "PlayerMoveController.cs"
- All sounds converted from .ogg to .wav

//***Version 1.1:***//

- Weapon checked have and game start no weapon on his hand when try mouse wheel using weapon
- Showing swap icon for keep weapon type if invectory crowded
- Freezing palyer movement in very tight spaces
- Not working weapon controlles in WeaponsManager.cs if player die with reloadin weapon or ironsighting
- Bug with add FirstPersonWeaponSway component on any weapon object
- Bug with reset weapon ironsight position if useSway = falseRun ironsightintg with reload animation playing
- Decrementing health with "immortal=true" after falling
- Bugs and problems with Slopes

- Added melee weapons
- Added deathSound in Health.cs
- Added "Drops After Death" list based on "ReorderableList" in Health.cs
- Added Debris script
- Added crowbar pickup
- New inspector for WeaponsManager.cs and "Player Weapons" list based on "ReorderableList"
- Added smart inspectors for all weapon types and for inventory scripts
- Added spawned effects after arrow impact
- Added new parameter "SlopeLimit" in "PlayerMoveController.cs" - sets limit angle.

- Rewrite all damage system
- Rewrite InputRegister.cs
- Removed DestroyableObjects.cs
- Rewrite Inspectors for pickus, FirstPersonWeaponSway, health now is supported multiple editing

//***Version 1.0:***//

- Initial release