Save Game Kit

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Ready-made solution for saving progress in any singleplayer game. Save and load game data with just one click or line of code. 

Download Standalone Demo 

• Feature-packed types management, 
register any types and properties just two clicks. 

• Saves any spawned objects, 
through the special spawn system. 

• Flexible scenes management, 
allows you to quickly and easily load and unload both single scenes or entire sets. 

• Smart event system, 
easily way of sending events to objects provided by interfaces that can be implemented on a MonoBehaviour. 

• All in one, 
saves game data and screenshot as one binary file. 

• Easy and flexible API, 
allows you to quickly and easily control save data from code. 

• Supported Unity Types: 
- Vector(2,3,4), Quaternion, Matrix4x4 
- Rect, RectOffset, Bounds. 
- Color, Color32. 
- ... And any serializable data. 

• Gameready UI prefabs, 
already configured and ready for prototyping in game 

Please, check out readme file and example scene after purchase. 

Demo | Manual | Forum ]