SFPC - Release Notes

Please, always remove previous version before updating!

//***Version 1.4:***//

- All animation system moved to Mecanim
  * Removed BodyAnimation.cs, instead of this added BodyAnimator.cs
- Updated surface detector
- Updated setting window
- New player body and animations for it
- Improved algorithms of player walking, now they more accurately changes movement speed. 

- Removed all static fields
- Minor Inspector's improvements
- Significant refactorings

//***Version 1.3:***//

- Rewrited surface system. 
- New inspector for surface detector. 
- Better mouse look. 

//***Version 1.2:***//

- New API functions(see documentation).
- Improved player prefab
- Added support Unity 5 Audio system.
- The InputSystem has been rewrited.
- Simple in game menu.
- Now SurfaceDetector can detect terrain textures.

//***Version 1.1:***//

- Improvements:
- New API for configure input actions and call main gameplay functions from your code.
- New surface detection system for spawn hit effects and play footsteps sounds
- New Input system
- Added  Settings Window for configure input and surface detection systems
- Visible and animated player body
- Added "UseHeadBob" float field  in "FirstPersonController.cs" for enable/disable head bobbing effect
- Added "PosForce" and "TiltForce" bool fields in "FirstPersonController.cs" for adjust head bobbing effect threshold

- Removed "FootstepsSoundsManager.cs"

//***Version 1.0:***//

- Initial release