Smart FP Controller

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This asset is a powerful, flexible and intuitive to use first person controller system, allows you to quickly and easily setup your player controller for any first person game, and have them working in minutes! And many other features. 

See it in action on our webGL Demo. 
Download Google Play Demo. 

• Player is able to: 
- Idle. 
- Walking. 
- Running. 
- Jumping. 
- Crouching. 
- Climbing. 

• Animated player body. 

• Ladders and climbing, 
allows to climbing on any heights. 

• Smart surface detection, 
play footsteps, jumping, landing and climbing sounds. 

• Smart head bobbing, 
simulate the head bobbing effect and calculate step interval. 

• Flexible input system, 
input manager can handle axis values as events and bind functions to calling. 

• Easy and flexible API, 
allows you to quickly and easily setup input actions and call main gameplay functions from code. 

• Optimized for mobile. 
Get touch controllers. 

Please, check out readme file and example scene after purchase. 

Modified version of this asset used in Advanced Shooter Kit

NOTE: All sources only C# coders. 

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