Surface Detector

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This asset is a smart system for detection and management surfaces via register materials/textures for this. It can work both with meshes materials and with terrain textures. And many other features. 

See it in action on our webGL Demo. 

• Clean interface. 

• Register new items via drag and drop, 
single, multiple or any folder. 

• Search and filter. 

• Quick highlight and preview. 

• Easy and flexible API, 
allows you to quickly and easily get info of current surface from code. 

• Extensions of RaycastHit is able to: 
- [String] GetSurface. 
- [Material] GetMaterial. 
- [Texture] GetTerrainTexture. 
- [Bool] TryGetSurface(out String). 
- [Bool] TryGetMaterial(out Material). 
- [Bool] TryGetTerrainTexture(out Texture). 

Please, check out readme file and example scene after purchase. 

Modified version of this asset used in: 
Advanced Shooter Kit
Smart FP Controller

NOTE: All sources only C# coders. 

Demo | Manual | Forum ]