Touch Controls Kit

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This asset is a powerful, flexible and intuitive to use touch kit, allows you to quickly and easily develop actions based on a touchscreen. Create any touch controllers, from an simple button to an racing steering wheel, and have them working in seconds! 

See it in action on our webDemo. 
Download Google Play Demo. 

• Designed for Unity UI. 

• DPad, for your platformer games! 

• Tilt, use accelerometer power for your games! 

• Steering Wheel, for your racing games! 

• Fast prefab creation, creates any controller in one click! 

• What You See IWhat You Get, TCK is fully WYSIWYG, very simple setup new controller after creation. 

• Smart "only outdated" update system, redrawn controllers are only when something changes or outdated. 

• Easy and flexible API, allows you to quickly and easily setup any controller and get any data for your game. 

Please, check out readme file and example scenes after purchase. 

NOTE: All sources only C# coders. 

Demo | Manual | Forum ]